About Us

Our journey to setup this venture started with our hassle to make any choice on these giant ecommerce websites. Yes, "OPTIONS" are good but most often these choices just keep us hanging in a loop and by the time we decide upon a product the zeal inside us turns into anxiety.
At InnocentWish.com our goal is to fulfill these innocent wishes that we all develop and hence we handpick day-to-day products for you and offer it on a reasonable price.
Along the way of fulfilling these innocent desires, we want to make sure our decisions leave a minimal impact on nature and hence we have a wide variety of Vegan as well Eco-friendly products that not only help you pamper yourself with style but also leaves you with a peace of mind against our carbon footprints on our MOTHER EARTH. We truly believe that Ecology and Economy can go hand in hand.

We envision ourselves in a place where our enthusiasm for Mother Earth and our Society can really make a significant difference in the world.
We are glad that you are with us in this journey.
We are now proud partners with Pledgeling, watch this to know more.